New Store, Who Dis?

Hi! We're Bohemian Bias, the "new" gals in town. Wondering what we're all about? Keep scrolling to read what sparks our fire and check out photos from our first ever photoshoot!

Bohemian Bias is a women's wear boutique located in Newport, RI that is expected to open in May 2017. Inspired by music, art and the laid back vibes of the West Coast, we're all about the empowerment of females and expressing yourself through the art of fashion.  


The Bohemian Bias babe is a dreamer and a doer inspired by nature, travel, unconventional fashion and all things vintage. She's a little glam, a little rock n' roll, and a whole lotta peace and love. 


We were lucky enough to have Marial Maher of Visual Manor come and shoot some photos in the store during the beginning phases of the build out! The objective of this shoot was to capture lifestyle photos and to create the vibe of Bohemian Bias through imagery. We had a fun night hanging with our gal pals, shooting and styling with all of our own clothes. The ever so beautiful and talented Brooke Ferris is the model pictured here who also helped with a lot of the styling.   


Bohemian (n) : a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. 

Bias (n) : diagonal direction of a piece of woven fabric, usually referred to simply as "the bias" or "the cross-grain", is at 45 degrees to its warp and weft threads. Every piece of woven fabric has two biases perpendicular to each other. 

Bias (n) : an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgement 

The name Bohemian Bias came from owner Alexis Souza's love for bohemian inspired fashion and eclectic lifestyle. Though the second definition of the word bias listed here may have a negative connotation, we don't mean any harm. We simply have a "biased" opinion towards all things free-spirited and unconventional. 


Bohemian Bias is nestled downtown in the heart of historic Newport, RI. The store's large front facing windows look out into Touro Park, home of one of Newport's most mysterious landmarks; the Newport Tower.

We are steps away from Bellevue Avenue, a historical landmark and home to Newport's famous mansions, the Newport Art Museum, the iconic Hotel Viking  and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Just a short walking distance away is the newly revamped Broadway, and the many waterfront bars and restaurants located on Thames Street and America's Cup Avenue.

Hang in there, we'll be ready to shop with you soon! Follow us on instagram, and add your email here to get updates on the store and our soft opening straight to your inbox.